Indroduction and background.

DEHECCO was founded in the year 2002. We are located in Bungoma County. The organization is currently implementing projects through economic and civic education on women economic empowerment through revolving table banking,small micro entrepreneurship(SMEs),advocacy of promotion of women human rights at community level. Also leadership capacity for women,environmental conservation,development program that aim at empowering women,youth and other marginalized groups including OVCs to promote effective participation in all rural and national social-economic spheres.

The organization is problems the members face by empowering them with knowledge on Health care,HIV/AIDS prevention,care and support,mitigation of its impact among the members and their families.The general approach of the Organization's program mes is based on social/cultural behavior change. We have further recognized that this change is not an event or a happening but process.

The current program includes capacity building and advocacy on prevention/mitigation of HIV/AIDS,support for income generating activities and providing life skills trainings for the HIV/ADS infected and affected persons.Our Organization has a team of trained consultants across Bungoma County. It also has a pool of trained home based Care givers,Social workers and volunteers who are used to implement this project. Further more DEHECCO is by qualified team of professionals in implementing various projects in respect to professional skills including management of HIV/AIDS ,Sustainable kitchen gardening,Environmental conservation,Networking with NGOs,CBOs,partnership,fundraising,funding,monitoring and evaluation.

The organization's networking partners and collaborators in the County are, CACC, offices,NASCOP,Ministry of Health,Red cross,Catholic justice and peace commission(CJPC) and community well wishers who have supported successful realization of our projects call and results. The current development partners are group members,local areas members of parliament and well wishers.

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