Welcome To Development Health and Environmental Conservation International.

VISION: To source for networking with local and International partners in terms of resource mobilization towards supporting and empowering rural communities by reducing poverty level globally and sustainable development. 

MISSION: To empower women,aged,widows/widowers,needy,youth,vulnerable children,girl child through training,funding,fundraising,monitoring and evaluation.


  1. Environmental management/mobilization i.e tree nurseries,natural forests/parks.
  2. To fight illiteracy/Health care in order to build benevolent society.
  3. Micro finance enterprises support  and revolving fund.
  4. Clean  and safe water,water harvesting/treatment,irrigation and building water storages.
  5. Training community groups and capacity building.
  6. Carrier development vocational training,youth resource centers,multicultural programs.
  7. Projects sustainability.
  8. Networking with NGOs,CBO and self help groups.
  9. Food security through best farming and soil practice.
  10. Promoting African values in dialogue,peace,justice,conflict/disaster management,emergency relief and support.


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